Month: August 2018

Jayne Squats

Do you squat through your full range? Jayne does. And because of this she is more popular and better looking. True fact. Okay so that’s only half true (I’ll let you decide which half). Jayne is going to become a very familiar face at CFCD. This is good news for all of us as not […]

1 RM Snatch Day

Exciting day today. 1 RM Snatch day 🏋️‍♀️ (And some bar hop burpees for funsies). Actually blown away by how well everyone took to snatching. It’s complex tantrum inducing stuff 🤯 But these guys were just amazing 🙌🏻 Seeing people learn, get stronger, gain coordination and confidence…that’s the gift you get everyday as a Coach. […]

Good Food Seminar Success!

So much gratitude for the wonderful people who came along and filled the Hall. Can’t believe we nearly booked a place that only held 20 🙊 🍽💪🏽 Thank you everyone for letting me bring this into your lives and showing me that my dream of helping the region to be a centre for health and vitality […]

The Good Food Seminar

The Good Food Seminar is tonight at 7pm in Castle Douglas Town Hall 😲 🍽💪🏽 When I moved home to Castle Douglas I knew I wanted to help the community in some way.  This seminar is just a small gesture to the place and the people that I love!! I wanted to make real nutrition accessible […]

New kit

New kit 🙌🏼 @againfastereu barbells and a second @strengthshopuk yoke. Every chance I get I will add to our kit at CrossFit Castle Douglas. We might be small. But we are mighty. 💪🏼😂

Don’t compare yourself to Kat.

You may recognise Kat from Instagram… Don’t compare yourself to Kat. She’s not human 🤖 She has no idea just how capable she is (we all know, but she is in denial). Joking aside, I am blown away by how well she does every single time she comes into a class; she is humble and coachable […]