Life Online in Lockdown

Since Lockdown we have been coming together online.

It has been incredible to be able to hang out with and Coach such an awesome group of individuals over the last few months.

I honestly cannot imagine what lockdown would have been like without this!!

The longer we have been away from our gym the more our online community has evolved, grown and become stronger, both figuratively and literally!!

We are planning on running our online classes permanently: even after the gyms reopen we will still keep them going.

And today our online world grew further with the launch of Nutrition Club!!

This is something that I have been talking about for years, and to finally be able to open the virtual doors on it is just amazing.

We have created an environment where people can get all of their nutritional answers and needs met.

It is safe, relaxed and honest.

Our aim is to arm people with the ability to fully understand their nutritional requirements and to support them in their journey.

To get signed up and join the Club head over to Nutrition Club now!