Getting Started

Welcome to CrossFit Castle Douglas.

And when I say welcome I really do mean it!
Everyone is welcome and wanted.

CrossFit is fun, effective and supportive.

What to expect in a class?

In each class you will be encouraged and guided through technique. You will be taught how to lift safely and confidently at your level. You will get great body composition and confidence (you will look and feel great naked)…your balance will improve, your mood will improve, you will be able to look at the world through new eyes and see a world full of possibilities and play!

You’ll learn how to do cool stuff and you will be taught how to do that stuff by a professional who has taugh everyone from world class athletes to complete beginners.

Don’t worry you’ll be looked after!

We will make sure you feel safe and capable in the class and we will show you that exercise can become the best part of your day!!

Don’t worry if you cant run (there’s actually very little running), do a press up or pull up, or if weights terrify you…we will make certain you are given an exercise that suits where you are currently at and that is a progression towards the programmed movement.

Suitable for beginners to advanced

Every single thing we do is scalable to any level; you literally could bring your gran and train along side her…if you are gran, then you could bring your grandson and train along side him!!!

Come along to any class and get started

From couch potatoes to athletes with competitive ambition: you are all welcome.

Be guided through workouts by a professional coach with years of experience and have fun in a community of like minded people.

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