We are back!!

  After months away from the gym we are finally back in business. And it feels amazing!! We have decided to offer a mixture of Outdoor and Gym Based classes. This way we can have classes that are exclusively outdoors and facilitate participants with as much space as they need in order to make them […]

Life Online in Lockdown

Since Lockdown we have been coming together online. It has been incredible to be able to hang out with and Coach such an awesome group of individuals over the last few months. I honestly cannot imagine what lockdown would have been like without this!! The longer we have been away from our gym the more […]

Be consistently consistent

The ONLY way to get results from exercise is to be consistent. You deserve to flourish and grow as the gods damned uniquely beautiful human that you are. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. And don’t get in your own way!!!

Tuesday 24th March – Workout of the Day

You are not alone ♥ With the gym closed due to the Coronavirus I will be posting daily at home workouts that anyone can do, with no kit and not much space. Head over to our Facebook page or Instagram account for the daily updates. Both are ‘CrossFit Castle Douglas’ .  

More chalk please

Sometimes we use a lot of chalk….but we never use too much!! Sometimes we also use a lot of kit….but we never use too much!!  

Fee. She’s Special.

This is Fee. She’s special. She works harder than any of us can possibly imagine. And that plus consistency is an unbeatable combination. She is the living embodiment of ‘if you show up and do the work great things happen’!! Over the last year I have witnessed her tough mental attitude help her get stronger […]

How fit do you need to be for CrossFit?

Recently I have been gathering up all the questions that I commonly get asked about CF. I have tried to answer them and simply and honestly as I can.   Question: How fit do I need to be to survive CrossFit? Answer: Not at all. CrossFit is like any other class…you go there to progress […]

Own it.

This is Robert and Chalmers. Setting the standard for representing all the things that CF does best. They are both outstanding in their own rights and in their own ways. The things we could learn from them would take me all day to write about!! And one day I will. This morning I want to […]


Meet Rhanna. (I know she is tiny in the picture, but she was so badass carrying that yoke that I had to use it!!…shes also quite small in real life……). She is the embodiment of commitment and consistent training. The corner stones to success. And success she has enjoyed…and lots of it…It feels like every […]


Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.