Back at it after covid

We are back up and running again!! Hoorah!! We are living in optimism that this time we are back for good. At the moment we are outdoors for all of our classes, but we are hopeful that the 17th may should see a further easing of restrictions and we will be again able to full […]


We have been having an amazing time running our bootcamp. It is just what we all need. People. Sunshine. Exercise. Laughter. This Bootcamp has been delivered as a block in order to bridge the gap until the gyms reopen, but we have been blown away by the enthusiasm and interest. And given all the outdoor […]

Are you talking yourself out of success?

Are you talking yourself out of success? I go more in depth and explain this further in the video below There is a saying in the nutrition world that ‘every diet works…if you do it!’. There is a minefield of diets out there…some of them are questionable, some even dangerous, some are adequate, a few […]

Our lives are a result of our repeated actions.

Our lives are a result of our repeated actions.   When you decide that you are ready for a significant change to your life then take a good look at your daily habits and identify which ones are getting in the way of you living into the life that you want to have.   Example: […]

CrossFit is for everyone here is how we make it happen…

CrossFit is for everyone here is how we make it happen…   If you have found yourself curious about CrossFit and are interested in giving it a try but you think it will be just too hard; that you won’t be able to lift the weights or do pull ups etc  Then the wee video […]

Pancake Stretch

If there was one stretch that I would recommend for the majority of people then it is the pancake stretch. Simple, effective and progress can be seen and felt quickly. Some people will find that they really struggle in this position and they cannot get sat upright far less leaned forward…please check the comments for […]

Five Factors of Healthy Nutrition for Life.

Five Factors of Healthy Nutrition for Life.   The development of habits may take a bit of work and practice, but once they are established you will barely have to think  about them ever again. You will reach a stage where you will no longer think about your food as a ‘diet’ but it will […]

We are back!!

  After months away from the gym we are finally back in business. And it feels amazing!! We have decided to offer a mixture of Outdoor and Gym Based classes. This way we can have classes that are exclusively outdoors and facilitate participants with as much space as they need in order to make them […]

Life Online in Lockdown

Since Lockdown we have been coming together online. It has been incredible to be able to hang out with and Coach such an awesome group of individuals over the last few months. I honestly cannot imagine what lockdown would have been like without this!! The longer we have been away from our gym the more […]

Be consistently consistent

The ONLY way to get results from exercise is to be consistent. You deserve to flourish and grow as the gods damned uniquely beautiful human that you are. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. And don’t get in your own way!!!