Welcome to CrossFit Castle Douglas Online.

Access our app to get the ‘Workout of the Day’ and daily mobility.

Log your scores and be part of our community from anywhere in the world!

Or add some accessory work to your training with our accessory programming designed to be added onto the daily workout or to help you work on skills and weaknesses.


Daily workouts

£2.99 per month

Access the Daily WOD via the SugarWOD app. Explanation and demonstration videos. Leaderboard to record your scores.

There is also Daily Mobility with video demonstrations.

Accessory Programming

Accessory Programming

  • No fancy kit required.
  • Can be done in addition to the daily workout.
  • It includes: abs, butt, gymnastic skills and other CrossFit skills such as double unders.

‘SugarWOD’ app

Required to access the program.

We are aiming to add PC access to the programming in the future, but for now it is only available via the app.

Here’s how to get started

Step 1
Choose the program below and hit sign up, fill out the forms.

Step 2
Check your email, you will be asked to set up your profile, sign a waiver and fill out a health form.

Step 3
Download the ‘Push Press’ app. Use it to update your profile/billing information, view the online class schedule and book into classes that you have  purchased a pass for.

Step 4
Download and sign into the ‘SugarWOD’ app, you will be able to access your new programming there within the next working day.


£9.99 per month

A programme of accessory work to go alongside the workout of the day. Get abs to die for and buns of steel. Work on gymnastic movements and other CrossFit skills like double unders!! All programming will come with detailed tips and advice and video demos. There is no fancy equipment required.