Our lives are a result of our repeated actions.

Our lives are a result of our repeated actions.


When you decide that you are ready for a significant change to your life then take a good look at your daily habits and identify which ones are getting in the way of you living into the life that you want to have.



Bob wants to be someone who gets up early, goes for a run before work, meditates, eats well, he wants to have energy to play with his kids and not always be focused on work.


So does Bob’s routine daily actions suggest this is who he wants to be? Or does his daily actions say Bob is more worried about pleasing his boss than his family, Bob hits snooze 3 times and is nearly late for work everyday, Bob stays up late so is always tired and a bit on edge, Bob grabs his lunch from the work canteen.


It’s not hard to see Bob is in no way living into the life he wants. 


Your life and your habits are the result of the actions you routinely take.


So to make changes you need to take action.

Then repeat that action.


And over.

And over.

Until it just becomes what you do.

And who you are. 


For Bob I would suggest starting with getting to bed at a set time each night to allow for 8 hours of sleep.

Then next looking at his food and preparing something at home to take with him.

He will instantly benefit from having more energy.

Then he could add in a walk before breakfast, not too far, just enough that it is doable every morning until it becomes the norm.


Now Bob is the type of person who has energy to play with his kids, he has better concentration and so gets all his work done with ease so doesn’t worry about keeping his boss happy. He’s walking one day and running the next turn about. He’s not quite got to the meditation yet, but he does find the morning exercise is pretty therapeutic. 


Everyone is different.

Make sure when you decide on the first action to take that it is obtainable.

Set yourself up for success.



You want to be someone who eats lots of fruits and vegetables.

Assess your current dietary habits.

Do you eat fruit and veg everyday?

How much do you eat?


If you are starting from a point where the only veg you eat is peas then you might want to set your first action as adding in three more types of veg.

Then once you can do this successfully you could then aim for making sure there is green veg included and/or you are routinely eating at least 5 fist sized portions of veg a day…everyday.


This will look different for everyone, but short term obtainable goals with a long term bigger picture goal built in works well.


So, you might have a greater goal of  ‘eating 800g of fruits and veg daily with good variety and including green veg’, but you might start with ‘three different types of veg each day this week’.


In later Blogs I will talk about how this also relates to success in sport (and life) and how you are the direct result of how much you repeatedly do something ie. practice makes permanent!