Own it.

This is Robert and Chalmers.
Setting the standard for representing all the things that CF does best.
They are both outstanding in their own rights and in their own ways.
The things we could learn from them would take me all day to write about!!

And one day I will.

This morning I want to use them to illustrate something I love about CrossFitters and something these gents personify.


Consistently taking full responsibility for your health and wellbeing and your ability to live a strong and capable life.
No matter what your backstory.
No matter what struggles you live through.
No matter how you have spent your life up to this point.

If you want a healthier and happier life you need to own it.
Don’t wait for someone to fix you.
Change you.
Save you.

It. Won’t. Happen.
It. Will. Never. Happen.

The only person who can give you the life you deserve.
Is you.
And you do deserve a good life.

CrossFit can give you a platform to achieve your goals.
We can support you and encourage you.
We can laugh with you.
We can advise you.
And we can help you.
But we cant do it for you.

That power of choice resides in you.

Own your health.
Own your life.

And if you want help and friends to share in your journey.
Come and join Robert and Chalmers and never look back