Meet Rhanna.

(I know she is tiny in the picture, but she was so badass carrying that yoke that I had to use it!!…shes also quite small in real life……).

She is the embodiment of commitment and consistent training.
The corner stones to success.
And success she has enjoyed…and lots of it…It feels like every time I speak to her now she has hit a new PR (personal record).

She doesn’t worry about what other people can do, or feel defeated because someone ran faster or lifted more….she focuses on her own journey and her own successes.
And that is something we could all learn from!

Im so proud of how far she has came since first meeting her last year.

Sadly she had to move away with her work and we only see her on weekends and holidays now, but once you’ve trained at CFCD we will forever regard you as ours…we never forget!! 🤗

She trains with humour and determination.
A perfect CF combination!!

Thank you for being you Rhanna 🦄💪🏼💜