Rugby Strength and Conditioning Level 1

Fascinating day doing the World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Level 1.
Major thank you to the handsome gents who ran the day and kept it interesting.. @craigwilliamson9 (great to see you again Craig!) and @peterjericevich
As I am part of the Stewartry Rugby Club, this was an invaluable day for me!!
I do love to learn and it’s great when you get the chance to step out of your bubble and into the soul of another sport and see the world through different eyes πŸ€“
I now understand so much better just how awesome a sport Rugby is!!! 😎
And it’s reconfirmed for me just how grateful I am to have became part of it πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Thank you again guys πŸ˜€
Who knows, you might even see me on the pitch one day πŸ€”