We are back!!

After months away from the gym we are finally back in business.

And it feels amazing!!

We have decided to offer a mixture of Outdoor and Gym Based classes. This way we can have classes that are exclusively outdoors and facilitate participants with as much space as they need in order to make them feel safe. These classes are ran next to the main building at the Rugby Club so we have tons of room to spread out and can utilise either the grass or the tarmac. The outdoor classes are fast and fun. We use simple movements, a single weight and bodyweight to get you moving and keep you moving!

The Gym Based classes offer much smaller class sizes with more detailed coaching. We make use of the heavier weights and barbells in the gym. We coach more complex movements such as cleans and snatches and move heavier loads with deadlifts, floor presses and barbell squats. With covid precautions at the forefront of our minds we have to keep the large roller shutter open when using the gym, it might make things a little less comfortable during the winter, however, I’ve not yet met a CrossFitter who prioritises comfort over progress! The bonus to having to keep the shutter open is that it means our class size can expand form four people indoors to four people indoors AND four people outdoors! Anyone outside will have a large rubber mat to workout on and can set up round the back of the building where there is protection from the weather. It may not be ideal, but nothing really is these days!

What we do though is endeavour to make the best out of the situation and look for ways in which we can adapt and overcome!!

It’s a CrossFitters natural reaction to adversity.